SS CNC Technology - Miles to go before they sleep

SS CNC Technology. The unassuming sign board declares the entrance to a small job shop in Peenya where the jobber is toiling away at high speed. We're in the thick of an industrial area and the ambient noises make it tough for us to talk. But the two smiling faces waiting to welcome our approaching figures are hard to ignore. They belong to Raghavendra and Prakash, close friends and proprietors of this fledgling job shop. They are a trio really - just that Pradeep, the remaining one-third, has gone to his native village.

But two genuinely happy customers are enough to make our day.

It's a sunny afternoon but Raghavendra is all smiles. A little prodding reveals the reason. "It's just been three months since we set up shop but we're very happy with the way business is growing", he gushes. When he says this, his gaze automatically turns towards the Super Jobber he purchased from Ace Micromatic. "This machine has been helping us create anywhere between 20, 000 and 21, 000 parts every month." But talk of their turnover and Raghavendra starts beaming. "The turnover was 20, 000 in our first month of operations. In the second, it went up to 25, 000 and now in the third, it's almost 1, 00, 000." He sure is looking forward to better days and the turnover target he has in mind is anything between 1,30,000 and 1,40,000 in a month.

Raghavendra may be a recent Ace Micromatic client but his association with the group goes back several years in time. In 2005, when he joined Ace Super Auto Forge Limited, he did not have adequate technical qualification. Later, senior officials in the company conducted a study to identify people who were educationally compromised and sent them to be trained at a Technical Centre. These centres had been created as a part of the Ace Micromatic Group's CSR initiatives. Of the 14 people sent for this training were Raghavendra and his business partners, both of whom were also with Ace Super Auto Forge at the time.

"I continued to work with Ace Super Auto Forge till 2010. That year, I went on to work with GCL. But in the next two years, I realized I had to do something more with my skills", recalls Raghavendra. 2012 was a year of big decisions for the three friends. "By late 2012, we knew we were ready to start something of our own."

And start they did in March 2013, right after they purchased the machine. Months of hard work followed with the three getting swamped by the demands of business. "It was and is just the three of us, which means we have to put in a lot of hours at work. But we realize that it means freedom of thought and respite from low salaries. And this jobber has made life so easy for us that we don't even need to hire another person. Because that would mean paying up anywhere between 8000 and 9000 as salary every month", he adds.

The three friends and business partners are already planning on their next purchase from AceMicromatic Group. "The Super Jobber manufactures big parts. For smaller parts, we need another machine. And since Ace Micromatic Group has supported us so much, they are our obvious choice", explains Raghavendra.

As our car pulls away, the machine at SS CNC Technology goes back to working hard. But we leave with the satisfaction of having spoken to two men with dreams and a firm resolve to make them come true.