SAAB Engineering

SAAB Engineering: A rising star

Whatever is present today in front of our eyes seems simple and easy to operate. How many of us are aware of what all effort and technologies goes into it. When we see a car moving on the road we can only see the brand and the model name, there are hundreds of spare parts which contributes in making it run on the road.

Each and every tangible thing we need in our daily life is a result of gradual and number of steps which are combined together to make it work. How many of us have given a thought to how do all this comes into being. Every question has an answer. Let’s find out some of them.

SAAB Engineering is a manufacturing unit located in Bangalore Karnataka. They are one of the key customers of Ace Micromatic. SAAB has four units in Bangalore, three in Bommasandra and one is in Jigani. These four units have more than 90 turning machines from Ace Micromatic Group.

In a conversation with MrSanjivBalagopal, founder of SAAB Engineering.He shared his experience working on Ace Micromatic machines. He said “I and my brother Ajay started this business with one machine as a workshop in Frazer Town, then slowly and gradually shifted to Bommasandra. At a time when there were very less opportunities for growth we started with 20 thousand rupees of investment. In 1995 we bought our first CNC turning Machinefrom Ace Micromatic Group, the LT 16; that was the time we came across the excellent function of these machines and till date we have a preference of turning machines from same brand. We manufacture onlyautomobiles parts includes Starters, generators and pulleys”.

SAABmanufacture around 1.2 million parts a month. They not only caters to the Indian market , but also  export 25% of their turn over to the Bosch plants located in thecountries like South Africa, Brazil, Bulgaria, Germany, Spain Etc. Their key customers are Bosch, Maruti, Hyundai,valieo, Penso, suzuki etc.

Other preferredmachines by SAAB are milling machines, grinding machines, single milling turning machines, and jobbers from Ace Micromatic Group. “To be honest we chose these machines because they are automatic and trouble free. Today the major challenge we face is the skilled man power, Ace machines help us in overcoming this problem as one man can handle multiple machines at the same time”, said by MrSanjiv, Co founder of SAAB Engineering.

MrSanjiv further added that their business has grown eventually in last ten years, today SAAB gives competition to the brands which were doing well ten years ago. They have made firm position in the market and also made their mark in the industry. As per their customers demand they have started importing iron as the raw material, established cold forging sections in unit 3, and heat treatment in their plant itself.  “Customers want products on a turnkey basis, so to serve them better we are providing end to end solutions including the finished product under one roof”.

SAAB Engineering is very well organized and focus about their future plans they are in market for pretty long time and very well aware of the demand and supply of market, their experience in the market helps them in understanding the market patterns and accordingly the projects are designed.

“As I mentioned before man power is the biggest challenge we face today, so we are planning to convert all our units with completely automatic machines so work can be done faster with less workforce”, added MrSanjiv.