Productivity Enhancement in Aerospace Component Machining

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Case Study:

Productivity Enhancement in Aerospace Component Machining

The Need:

Machining of Aerospace Components with a non-AMS machine was taking longer time, requiring multiple set-ups and the finish was sub-optimal.
Component Name: C Max & C Min
Component Material: Imported Grade Aluminium 2024 (T735)


Materials used for Aerospace Component are expensive and generally are imported. Defects arising during machining of the component results in rejection of the complete part and the consequential loss of material and time. Further, unlike automotive components wherein the material removal is less as we use cast / moulded raw material, in case of aerospace application, the component is carved out of a single block of raw material. Thus, in many case we have to scoop out more than 80 % of the material to obtain the finished part. Also the parts are of thin wall sections making machining more difficult. All these complexities lead the customer to opt for expensive imported machines for machining of the aerospace components.

The Solution:

AMS with its strong design background and application know how understands the critical needs for machining of Aerospace Components. One of the important requirements for ensuring high surface finish and accurate machining is the high rigidity of the machine and low spindle run-out which ensures vibration free machining. The CMH400XL – column moving type horizontal machining center from AMS incorporates the above features and many more which makes it a versatile machine for machining of the Aerospace components. With machining done on the CMH400XL machine from AMS, the cycle time (time taken from raw material to completely machined component) was reduced from 20:55 min to 5:35 min, in addition to significant improvements in accuracy and surface finish.
Machine Specification:


  • BT-40 Taper
  • 10,000 rpm with Direct Drive

Spindle Power:

  • 11/7.5 kw with Spindle Chiller Unit


  • 500/480/480 mm

The Outcome:

  • Significant reduction of cycle time by15:20 min (time saved to the extent of 284%), freeing up manpower and machines, and thus improving productivity phenomenally. (The older process was done on 3 machines with 6 operators.)
  • Excellent surface finish with no tool marks, drastically reducing the time needed for buffing & polishing.
  • Enhanced machine accuracy and performance.

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