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Driven Tool Turet
Manufacturer: Pragati

Turret are commonly used on  CNC lathes application to hold different types of tools for turning applications and it consists of 3 piece, phase gear coupling allows the tool disk to be indexed without lifting. It also ensures high repeat positioning accuracy and rigidity.

Parallel index CAM mechanism allows fast and smooth indexing of heavy tool disks. Computer generated CAM profile ensures shock free indexing.

Totally enclosed robust mechanism with oil bath lubrication.

Cam index in both the directions at shorter time.

Turrets are also given with live tool applications which can be used on turn mill centre. Live tools can run unto 6000 rpm.

Turrets can also be used on machining centres for component holding.

Bi-Directional Turrets work under electro mechanical principles

Turrets are powered by 3 phase electric torque motor and the indexing movement is achieved through a system of CAMs.

BTP 50- 8/12,                          

BTP 63- 8/12,                                                                         

BTP 80 – 8/12,

BTP 125 – 8/12,

BTP 160 – 8/12,

BTP 50-8 with slotted tool disk & VDI tool disks 


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