CNC Automotives

Being the second largest populated country and the largest democracy in the world, India stood very firm in the industry of manufacturing. Every day around 10,000 children take birth in India; from this figure we can imagine what will be the demand for all kinds of goods used in everyday life. Ever increasing population and need of the people have put enormous pressure on the manufacturing industry to meet the increasing demands.

Today no one likes to waste time in travelling. Engineers are looking for the means of transport through which time and money can be saved. Every month a new car model is being introduced in the market with some new technology that increases competition in the market.

There are many questions which are not answered about the different phases of manufacturing in India. While searching for these answers we came across Mr. Vivek Shah of CNC Automatic, who owns number of manufacturing cells in different parts of Bangalore. It’s interesting to know that Mr. Vivek is the second generation to run CNC Automatic.

Shah family came to Bangalore from Gujarat many years back. Two brothers Mr. Jayant Shah and Mr. Mahesh Shah, started their manufacturing unit in Peenya in the year 1969, in which they begin with plating and then added manufacturing components to increase their business. Each unit produces a family of parts. Every unit works individually.

“Bangalore is one of the best cities in India; it welcomes people from every walk of life and opens the gates of opportunities for all. In terms of manufacturing also it has become very advanced and provides good national and international market for sales of the Indian goods. It has lots to discover and we are still in process of discovering it through our manufacturing means”, said Mr. Mahesh Co-Founder of CNC Automatic.

Mr. Vivek shared with us “The first machines we used were from Ace Designers, because their machines are affordable, convenient and provides good service. However I would expect them to go into better technology so that we don’t have to depend on the machines which we are importing from other countries. We have the potential to produce advanced machines which can give competition to Chinese machines”.

CNC Automatic has more than 150 Ace Designer’s machines in all their manufacturing cells. The major models which they use are Cub, Jobber Excel, Jobber Jr, Jobber, LT 16, MCV 300 and MCV 400. With these machines they produce around 1.5 million components every month which are delivered to different parts of the country.

They manufacture variety of parts some of them are assembled here itself and some of the finished parts are delivered directly to the customers. They manufacture Automotive components, Precision Automotive Components, Dia frame, Air Filters, Pump Plungers, Holders, Housing covers, and Valve Holders etc. These parts are used in fuel injection pumps, CNC Automatic’s clients are Hydraulic Companies, Bosch, Delphi, TACO etc.

“The future looks bright. With the advancement of technology, I am sure the Indian machines today, are comparable to the ones manufactured anywhere in the world”, added Mr. Vivek Shah.